Training Times

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Adult Sessions:

Monday: Circuit training - Cemmaes Road village hall

Tuesday: Tri Swim - 1900 - 2000 Bro Ddyfi leisure centre

Wednesday: Run Session - 1815 - 1930 - meet at Bro Ddyfi leisure centre

Usually a road / town session, may be off road during lighter months

Sunday: Long run - 0800 - 0930 - meet at Bro Ddyfi leisure centre

Always an off road session, 6-7 miles but sometimes longer depending on training schedule

Brick Session (bike / run) and club rides: some Thursday evenings April - October


Friday: Tri Swim - 1815 - 1900 & 1900 - 1945

Groups split roughly by age, but some crossover. Must be able to swim at least 50m continuously, recommend you use this session in conjunction with lessons.

Bike / Run / Fitness Sessions: More sessions during 2019, see Facebook page for details!