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Jun 7, 2011

The Cerist Slatemen!

Slateman Triathlon. – 22nd May 2011

Having experienced some very wet and windy days leading up to race day we were very apprehensive when we started out on our journey. Upon arriving at Brithdir the heavens opened and that moment of “What the hell am I doing this for came to the forefront of my mind” (I’m pretty sure that this was true for the others)

When we arrived at Llanberis things were better but still rather windy. Setting up the course on Saturday we were told was a nightmare with marker buoys and fencing being blown all over the place.

Once registered, we got ready, and prepared ourselves for the start. A 750 swim in Padarn Lake. This turned out to be a comfortable swim in what was calm and not too cold water. A long transition and some fun getting out of the wetsuit we were ready for the climb over Pen–y–Pass. This turned out to be a little easier than anticipated but Owain must have sped past me at such a speed that neither of us had realised. Me soldiering on through the race thinking the !!!! will be sure to catch me on the run and him thinking I was still out in front. Bedwyr had a fantastic swim but took too long feeding on the turn towards Capel Curig where I took advantage of the opportunity. I had to stay ahead after that but the pressure that he was not far behind kept my concentration. The headwind that hit us on the climb from Capel Curig and on the descent towards Bethesta was something else. Give me Pen-y-Pass any day. On reaching transition it was a case of contemplating the run. After a flat section in front of Dinorwig Powerstation we began the climb. Zigzag, Zigzag and more zigzagging, we eventually reached the top. A flat and a fast descent through the trees was followed by a rather wet, slippery experience which we had been warned about in the briefing. A last climb up some steps led to a very welcome downhill to the finish. Fantastic! The welcome support of Alwena,Jeremy,Kim,Dylan and Delyth,at the finish was fantastic. Seeing Owain there, was anticipated, but there had always been that faint chance. Bedwyr finished shortly after looking rather white using words that I will not repeat but fully understand the sentiment they portrayed. John Taylor had also enjoyed the swim leg of the relay. It was his original announcement that he had entered the  ?????MAN  that had given the three of us the idea that we would have a go. So there you are John. It’s all your fault!

Will I do it again? A definite, YES. A triathlon in a fantastic location, offering a rewarding challenge.

Owain – 3.05.29 Category 50th Overall 82nd

Arwel – 3.21.34  Category 6th Overall 152nd

Bedwyr – 3.31.23  Category 102  Overall 196th