Categories: News
      Date: Sep 15, 2011
     Title: Bala Race reports
Race reports from the Bala Standard Distance Triathlon 2011

Richard Taylor:

Richard Taylor headed over to lake Bala with 8 other members of the Machynlleth Triathalon club for his second standard distance triathlon (1500m open water swim, 40km bike, 10k run). Weather was fine, but windy, the wind pulling 2 foot waves in the usually flat Bala lake. What is usually a long swim became much more of a challenge, the outgoing stretch became more of fight for survival in breathing and making forward progress. Wetsuit, cold weather and a lack of clear water and lane markings on the bottom of the lake make the swim completely different from a pool swim. As usual I zig-zagged my way through the course.

Either I found my form or the wind helped on the way back. The swim being my weakest event I slipped almost to the back of the field, but 28 people got the boat back to the lakeside so I don't feel too bad. Managed to pull back a few places on the bike (always amazed how many triathalites have bike problems). Struggled to get the legs moving on the run, legs always seem to have forgotten how to run by then. Drinking too much lake and energy drink on the bike didn't help either. From a goal of wanting to finish ending up with a respectable time of 2:58:22, 403th out of 492 finishers and 586 entrants.